I want to create a EC2 instance using knife with an elastic ip assigned to it. Knife has the option --associate-eip but when I use this option it fails with error "ERROR: Elastic IP requested is not available." eventhough the EIP in AWS console shows the IP is available.

The command I executed

knife ec2 server create -S testKey -I ami-e7b8c0d7 --security-group-id test_sg -N test-eip -f m3.medium --region us-west-2 -i testKey.pem --associate-eip

ERROR: Elastic IP requested is not available.

Did I miss any obvious steps? Where does knife look for the elastic ip list? Is there a place to inform abt the elastic ip list to knife?


After adding the --subnet attribute with the default subnetid of that region and adding --server-connect-attribute public_ip_address, its possible to create instances with eip assigned.

knife ec2 server create -N test-eip -I ami-e7b8c0d7 --security-group-id sg-685a00d -f m3.medium --region us-west-2 --ssh-user ubuntu -S testKey -i key.pem --associate-eip --subnet <default subnetid for that region> --server-connect-attribute public_ip_address

To find the default subnetid of the region, launch the instance and in the "Configure Instance Details" take subnet id that is displayed.

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