Is there a way to log every execution of perl scripts on the complete server? I am investigating a possible security issue and therefore want to log every perl execution.

Is something like this possible?

Thanks in advance

PS: Running CentOS 6.5 including Plesk 12

  • The only way I could think of it is using a wrapper, but unfortunately that causes a whole new set of issues. This issue comes up for different reasons, moreso because people want to use a wrapper to use different versions of perl on the same machine. You can look up "perl wrapper" and see the types of headaches involed. Sorry :( Hopefully the wrapper idea gives you some other ideas though. – ben Aug 5 '14 at 18:12

It sounds like what you want is auditing. Logging 'every time perl is run' isn't particularly easy - as the other poster mentions, wrappers can be a real pain to manage, and doesn't stop someone having their own perl binary.

However, CentOs does support Kernel Auditing. In which a record is made of lots of things, and people don't usually bother because it's extremely verbose.

I'm afraid I can't give any more detail really, because auditing tends to be a real pain to set up and enable first time, but otherwise you don't really need to touch it. I would suggest you look in your favourite search engine for how to enable and configure.

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