How to assign multiple passwords to the same user in .htaccess password protection?

It looks like this in my .pass file, but only the first one is working


  • i dont't think you can do that. Single .htpasswd file accepts one user-pass combo. In order to do what you want, you need to have different .htpasswd files, located in different directories – andrew Aug 6 '14 at 12:46
  • This would be a good way to rotate a shared password (which is why I Googled the question). – Steve Nov 19 at 16:13

We can see the source code of the http authenticator in the apache httpd here:


In the function get_basic_auth() and in authenticate_basic_users() we can clearly see, that the interpretation of the .htaccess file happens in two steps:

  1. gets the line of the .htpasswd describing the actual user
  2. calculates the hash value of the given password and compares this with the htaccess value.

If I interpret the code well, n case of duplicated users, only the first line will have any sense.

Of course you can reach this if you want, but you have to extend this source file a little bit. Or, what is more feasible, you have to use some other type of authentication. For example, an authentication against a database backend may or may not have this additional feature as well. Google for "apache authentication ldap" or some like so, if you wish.

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