I'm trying to install the last version of maatkit in debian Lenny. I couldn't find a repository with the last version, so I got the .deb file. The problem is How to I install this file? man aptitude gave me no clues.

A repository would be the ideal solution. bonus point if you know a repository with php 5.3


You can use dpkg directly. The command dpkg -i packagename is what you probably want.

You could also install and use gdebi-core. With it you can install a .deb package and also get the dependencies if you needed them.

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    Generally if dpkg fails and says you need some dependencies, you can grab them by running apt-get -f install if the dependencies are available in your repos. – David Rickman Sep 6 '09 at 0:50

dpkg -i my_deb_file.deb

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