ASP .NET logs lots of warnings out-of-the-box. Does anyone know what will make ASP .NET log an error into the Windows Application event log?

I'm wondering if I can have a program that runs once a day or so to search for errors to make sure the server hasn't spontaneously blown up or fallen off the Internet for a moment. (think along the lines of those classic stories of "and the server mysteriously rebooted every 15 minutes at 4:09 AM").


Whilst not to the Windows Event Logs - this is much better....

You can try ELMAH see this handy article from Scott Hanselman


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  • I'm using ELMAH. I'm concerned about the crashes that will fall through, such as if the web.config or the permissions get messed up. – Zian Choy Sep 3 '09 at 15:28

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