I have a custom AMI, with a corresponding EBS snapshot, made some time earlier. Recently, I have decided to create a newer EBS snapshot to reflect some software updates. Then I wanted to submit a spot instance request, so that the new instance would use the new snapshot. Based on AWS documentation, it seems that, in order to achieve this, I have to create a new AMI, based on the new EBS snapshot as root volume. However, it appears that the only way to create a new AMI is to use an existing or running EC2 instance as a base. But, since any existing or running instances use one of the previous snapshots, it appears to be a catch-22 situation. Am I missing something? What is the correct sequence of steps to create a new AMI off of the instance with updated file system or via snapshot of that file system? Thank you in advance!

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I have figured out how to solve my problem. The answer by Andrew Lusk pointed me to the right direction. However, my current environment makes me prefer a GUI option versus the command line one. But, he is incorrect in stating that GUI console option doesn't exist for creating a new AMI from an EBS snapshot. I have researched a little bit more and found that this option indeed exists. The solution is described in this document: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/instance-launch-snapshot.html. I have already used the above-mentioned guidelines to create and launch a new AMI, based on my EBS snapshot.


It sounds like you want to make a new AMI from an EBS snapshot. The console doesn't let you do this; you should use the command line tools.


You want 'ec2-register -s snap-XXXXXXXX'.


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