I found online that Server 2008 R2 host can only initiate a maximum of 255 iSCSI connections, and that it was a hard limit within the OS itself.

Does this same restriction apply to Server 2012 R2?

To be specific, I am asking how many connections can be initiated from Server 2012 R2 to another target.


Microsoft hasn't released any documentation on the iSCSI target server scalability limits for Server 2012 R2 because they're the same as Server 2012.

enter image description here


From this thread on TechNet is looks like the 255 limit is still present in 2012 R2.

I have a use case where I want to address lots of iSCSI LUNs on a 2012 R2 machine. I seem to have hit a limit of 255 mounted iSCSI volumes.

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    I'm asking the reverse. I want to know how many connections it can initiate, not how many it can host as a target. – Alex McKenzie Aug 12 '14 at 16:38

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