I have issue with one of the user in Terminal Server 2008 R2 who has "Run this program as an administrator" checked and greyed out with Excel 2010.

This causes UAC to popup requesting for administrator credential whenever user want to start excel.

I found in excel 2010 > properties > Compatibility tab > "Run this program as an administrator" is checked and greyed out (Unable to make any change)

This issue only occurs in Excel 2010, all other Office programs does not has this option checked and greyed out.

Currently UAC is set to Default (Second level to top)

Other users in terminal server do not have "Run this program as an administrator" checked and it is NOT greyed out.

The user who has issue is in the same group and has the setting as other users who doesn't has the issue in AD.

Could anyone advise me how could I remove this "Run this program as an administrator" in option in Excel 2010?

Thank you.

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It ended up resolved by removing User Profile for that specific user who had the issue.

Control Panel > System Properties > Advanced > User Profiles > Select User > Delete

Login with that specific user to rebuild the profile. "Run this program as an administrator" option become unchecked after this process.


Login with the users account and go to hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\window nt\currentversion\appcompatflags

There should be the application that has the Run as administrator option stuck, remove the entry and it should work.

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