I'm trying to run Cobian Backup on our file server under it's own user (instead of Administrator).

It is unable to backup our user homes/profiles since making the change.

The dedicated user cobianbup is a member of the domain group Backup Operators

I've tried adding the domain Backup Operators to the following User Rights Assignments with no luck:

Act as part of the operating system
Back up files and directories
Create a token object
Log on a a batch job
Log on a a service
Restore files and directories
Take ownership of files or other objects

I even added the cobianbup user explicitly to the local Backup Operators group and it still won't work.

I've had to add cobianbup to the local Administrators group to get it working. I restarted the service after each change to make sure and changes were picked up.

What am I missing?


The domain group Backup Operators is in the Builtin container. The Builtin container is like the standard Local groups you would find on a standalone PC or server (non DC), however it is shared across all domain controllers. Domain Controllers don't have "local" users or groups (try finding it in computer management - it's not there).

I'm assuming your files are not stored on a Domain Controller, so what you'll need to do is add your cobianbup user to the local Backup Operators group on the file server. You can create a GPO that can do this for all servers that are needed.

  • "I even added the "cobianbup" user explicitly to the local "Backup Operators" group and it still won't work." You are correct that the file server is not a DC. – fukawi2 Aug 13 '14 at 4:05

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