I'm trying to build a customized version of a nginx package for Debian/Ubuntu which had a different set of modules opposed to the default version.

What would be the fastest way to modify the debian/ structure (and which files) if I'd want to rename the package from 'nginx' to 'my-nginx' for example?

I've got the source deb package unpacked and which files I'd need to modify in nginx-1.4.5/debian/ directory (holding the control, rules.. files) have buildpackage generate my-nginx-1.4.5.deb package instead of nginx-1.4.6.deb package.

I appreciate your help!

  • Yes,edit the "spec" file (debian equivalent) so once I build the packages they ahow as my-nginx-1.4.6.deb for example. – Tabiko Aug 18 '14 at 20:00

The simplest way: modify file debian/control file so that you have the line:

Package: my-nginx

instead of just nginx.

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