I'm trying to install the SVN client version 1.8 on CentOS 6. I'm using the description on


All activities are running successful without any problems. But after that I get

/> svn --version
svn, Version 1.6.11 (r934486)

The steps decribed on the following site works for me:


From the article:

How to install subversion 1.8 on CentOS 6.4

If you get the error like "This client is too old to work with working copy" when you use svn client, it means you need a newer svn client. Let us update the svn client on CentOS 6.4 now.

  1. Remove the old version subversion

    yum remove subversion
  2. Download and install subversion 1.8.4-2

    mkdir download && cd download
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/mod_dav_svn-1.8.4-2.i686.rpm
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/serf-1.3.2-2.i686.rpm
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/subversion-1.8.4-2.i686.rpm
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/subversion-gnome-1.8.4-2.i686.rpm
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/subversion-javahl-1.8.4-2.i686.rpm
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/subversion-perl-1.8.4-2.i686.rpm
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/subversion-python-1.8.4-2.i686.rpm
    wget -c http://opensource.wandisco.com/centos/6/svn-1.8/RPMS/i686/subversion-tools-1.8.4-2.i686.rpm
    sudo rpm -ivh *.rpm
  3. Check

    svn --version

If the subversion is successfully installed,you can see the following:

svn, version 1.8.4 (r1534716)
  compiled Nov  1 2013, 15:45:40 on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Copyright (C) 2013 The Apache Software Foundation.
This software consists of contributions made by many people;
see the NOTICE file for more information.
Subversion is open source software, see http://subversion.apache.org/

Try to download the binaries directly: http://www.wandisco.com/subversion/download/download-certified-wandisco-subversion-binaries?f=subversion/subversion_installer_1.8.sh

the link shows you a window form to fill in, and after you can proceed with download

this is just an example, the file you download it is the 1.8.10 version...

# chmod +x svn1.7_centos6_wandisco.sh
# ./svn1.7_centos6_wandisco.sh
# yum upgrade

As written in the instruction this install only the client.

I hope this can help you.

  • Your link is invalid. May be you mean the shell script which I can also download on the site svn-ref.assembla.com/download-clients.html . Also this are excuting without any problems. But after that I will have svn V1.6 ... :-( . But the description I have post in my answer works for me
    – Steffen
    Aug 17 '14 at 11:43

first check the svn version and location :

command 1. svn --version o/p: svn, version 1.8.16 (r1740329) compiled Jul 8 2016, 13:43:28 on x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu

  1. type -a svn svn is /usr/local/bin/svn svn is /usr/bin/svn svn is /usr/bin/X11/svn

please remove /usr/local/bin/svn

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/svn

  • These steps detail removal of SVN, not installation as per the question. What you have detailed is a messy removal, at that.
    – BE77Y
    Oct 18 '16 at 11:07

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