I have a server with a 3ware 9650SE controller running Debian. The tw_cli utility shows this:

Ctl   Model        (V)Ports  Drives   Units   NotOpt  RRate   VRate  BBU
c0    9650SE-8LPML 8         0        0       0       3       3      -        

Encls         Slots  Drives  Fans  TSUnits  PSUnits  
e0            8      4       0     2        0     

For E0 it shows:

Slot      Status          (V)Port       Identify
slot0     OK              -             Off           
slot1     OK              -             Off           
slot2     OK              -             Off           
slot3     OK              -             Off           
slot4     NO-DEVICE       -             Off           
slot5     NO-DEVICE       -             Off           
slot6     NO-DEVICE       -             Off           
slot7     NO-DEVICE       -             Off           

The e0 should be the enclosure (SATA backplane). What I find interesting is that the utility shows C0 (the controller) has 0 drives connected to it. Someone who have experience with these type of cards could please explain it to me if this card does support hotswap for 100% and do I need to specify any additional command before replacing the drive?



You should issue /cx/py remove command before removing specific drive from enclosure. /e0 show slots should show you the ports associated with slots. 3ware 9650SE does support hot-swap for 100% ;)

  • Yes I could but what happens if I don't? The drives are in RAID1 mirror mode and my problem is that I don't exactly know which device is associated with which slot. In order logically it would be sdb->slot0,sdc->slot1,sdd->slot2 etc but isn't there a way to query this to be sure? – immoune Aug 18 '14 at 10:56
  • Play with the tw_cli : /e0 show all. In Linux you see units as devices, not drives themselves, so sdX will be a RAID1 unit not a phisical drive. – Scyld de Fraud Aug 18 '14 at 11:25

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