I'm running iptables v1.4.21 on Ubuntu 14.04 and is trying to setup iptables to use TPROXY.

How can I check whether my current build of iptables supports TPROXY? I can check TPROXY support for HAProxy using haproxy -vv, is there something similar for iptables?

If there is no TPROXY support, does a TPROXY patch exist for iptables v1.4.21? Or is another version of iptables more suitable?


Just try to use it and if iptables returns you some error related to "module not found", then check the situation? :-)

At least in my Ubuntu 14.04 installation there seems to be xt_TPROXY.ko in /lib/modules/3.13.0-34-generic/kernel/net/netfilter/ directory so I presume Ubuntu has TPROXY support by default.

The iptables command itself does not contain support for anything, it merely uses the features compiled in to kernel (or kernel modules).

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