Sometimes in my zabbix I see so my JMX agent is unavailable, if anyone knows a way to monitor the status of the JMX agent, whether it is possible ?

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One approach would be to use a nodata() trigger on some JMX item, same as you would do with agent.ping or any other item to check that the data is coming.

Another would be to use internal item zabbix[host,jmx,available] (see internal item documentation). If the value of this item is 1, then the JMX icon in the frontend is green. Otherwise, if the value is 0, then the JMX icon is red. Value 2 corresponds to the icon being grey.

If you are interested in monitoring the availability of the Java gateway itself, rather the JMX agent, a good idea would be to use internal item zabbix[java,,ping]. Unfortunately, according to ZBX-8049, it does not really work currently.

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