I have this server

IBM System x3250 M3 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X3450 @ 2.67GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.7GHz 2 GB PC3-10600 ECC DDR3 SDRAM HDD 500 TB Hotplug Windows server 2008

this is screenshot the default memory, micron PC3-10600R 2gb, its working well to entering windows http://freakimage.com/images/113memory_ram_micron_PC3_.jpg

then i want to change to higher memory, i bought this memory, samsung PC3-10600R 4gb http://freakimage.com/images/602memory_ram_samsung_mic.jpg

but its hang in uEFI boot, cant move forward to windows

already googling it, no solution yet everywhere please take a look the screenshot, do i bought wrong new memory, if it is maybe i still can replace to the seller with another memory


I have found that not all memory plays "nicely" well together....especially when using different vendors. I'd suggest returning the memory and try a different vendor.

You should be sure you are installing memory in appropriate matching slots. Each manufacturer is a bit different in how more memory should be added and where memory must be placed within the slots. You'll have to consult the vendor documentation.

You do not say, but I assume that all the memory is ECC. Mixing ECC and non-ECC has been problematic for me.

On some systems BIOS modifications need to be made for any memory enhancement.

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