I am using supervisord inside a Docker container to manage my running processes and would like to also use it to trigger certain commands - run them once and expect them to exit with 0.

Here's one example:

command = /usr/bin/php /var/www/app/artisan post
autostart = false
autorestart = false
startsecs = 3
startretries = 0
exitcodes = 0

And I'm using nsenter's docker-enter with supervisorctl start central-seed-posts to trigger it but I would also like to handle a successful exit instead of supervisor telling me ERROR (abnormal termination)

Does it have to do with supervisor events ?


Problem you are encountering seems to be with the following option you use:

startsecs = 3

If you read manual of supervisord, you can see that startsecs sets for how long the process has to stay alive after a startup for Supervisord to consider the start successful. Your process is probably exiting before 3 secs, which suggests to supervisord that startup was not successful.

Try lowering that to 0, unless you have a real reason to keep it 3 sec.

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