Since # is considered as a comment in /etc/ansible/hosts I'm unable to use a password containing a sharp.

host1 ansible_ssh_user=user ansible_ssh_pass=userpass ansible_su_pass=My#Password

Then with a raw command:

$ ansible host1 -m raw -a "whoami" --su
host1 | FAILED | rc=1 >>

su: Authentication failure

If I use a password without a # it works fine. Is there a workaround to this ?

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In the inventory file the example below give the desired result.


But the variable is then related to all hosts in the hosts group so a better way is to create a file "/etc/ansible/host_vars/host1" and put the following inside :

ansible_su_pass: My#Password

You can use # inline, by escaping it with \, i.e ansible_su_pass=My\#Password. Make sure you're using the latest Ansible as ini parser has evolved over time.

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