I am working on deploying version control for our puppet modules and manifests.

I want to enforce a workflow that requires a puppet module and manifest code check prior to a check-in of changes. This would be useful since it would prevent the pushing of code changes with, for e.g., syntax errors or something more fatal.

My initial thoughts were to deploy a whole separate puppetmaster instance where manifests and module changes can be done and have it be a node of itself. A syntax check could then be done with a service puppetmaster restart && service puppet restart and checking the logs for errors. I could code that workflow in a manifest and module push script. However, I'm thinking there's a more elegant way.


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Generally you'd configure a pre- or post-commit hook in your favorite revision control system.
There are some example scripts at: http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/1/wiki/puppet_version_control

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