enter image description hereWhile installing required rpms for both SOA and Oracle the below rpms are conflicting with each other glibc-devel-2.5-49.x86_64.rpm and glibc-devel-2.5-24.i386.rpm How can I fix it? one package gets installed successfully if I remove the other and vice-verse.

I need both of them to be installed on rhel5 64 bit operating system.

  • You need both 64- and 32- bit glibc development kits? What is you OS, distribution, and version as well as if your platform is 32- or 64- bits. – mdpc Aug 28 '14 at 7:13
  • Hi mdpc thanks for reply I have added the required information – SME Aug 28 '14 at 8:11

You cannot install two different numbered versions of the i386 and x86_64 packages without causing a lot of breakage.

Just install the same version of both packages.

yum install glibc-devel.{i386,x86_64}

After that, if you still receive this error, it's Oracle's fault and Oracle must fix it.


you can do this using following process:

use rpm -ivh --nodeps <packagename> for i386 first and then for X86_64.

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