This is the list of cloud hosting providers I know that offer their services from data centers located in the UK:


UK2.net (rebranded service from VPS.net)

vhhosts (iomart group)

Rackspace Cloud (formerly Mosso)

Do you have some experience with any of them? Would you recommend some?

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  • sorry, I am a new here and Server Fault allowed me to enter only one valid URL :) – warpech Sep 4 '09 at 15:11

Top 3 cloud providers are

  • Amazon, that features cloud front from fast localized content distribution anywhere in the world including UK.
  • Google App Engine, that basically auto-tune it geo-localization to match the one of the visitors, obviously UK is included too.
  • Windows Azure (by Microsoft), not released yet, but geo-localization is already offered, and Europe (probably Ireland at first) will probably be provided in 2010.

There are many small cloud providers, but I think you should first consider those top three because they have huge companies backing them with correspondingly huge investments.

  • Well, I was not taking those into account, because: - AWS gives only low level infrastructure. This would mean more hard work for us to set up the server environment. Being a small company, that can be too expensive. - Google App Engine does not support PHP, and we must stick to it. - As for Windows Azure, we don't have time to wait for 2010. And Windows is not a natural choice for PHP, either. Anyway, thanks for your voice. Maybe you know something about those services that would clear the above doubts? – warpech Sep 7 '09 at 8:55
  • We have 3 instances in the Amazon EC2 cloud and server setup takes less than 15 minutes from scratch and less than 2 minutes using our private AMI. I'm not sure what you mean by it would be hard work to setup a server environment but I suggest you take another look at Amazon's offerings. – Daemon of Chaos Oct 19 '10 at 14:27

I use vps.net. Very happy woth them sofar. You can migrate your data to any of their global data centres with ease.

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