Backup and restore works on Linux

Bacula's Director (DIR), File Daemon (FD) and Storage Daemon (SD) have been installed on a Linux host, a backup has been run and the files could be restored.

Backup fails on Windows

The next step is to backup files which reside on Windows. A FD has been installed and runs on Windows:

C:\Program Files\Bacula>netstat -nat | grep 91
  TCP               LISTENING       InHost

  TCP               LISTENING       InHost

Telnet has indicated that the Windows host is able to connect to the DIR and SD which reside on Linux:

enter image description here

Could not stat "c:\temp": ERR=No such file or directory

C:\Program Files\Bacula>bconsole
Connecting to Director IP1:9101
1000 OK: bacula-dir Version: 5.0.0 (26 January 2010)
Enter a period to cancel a command.
Automatically selected Catalog: MyCatalog
Using Catalog "MyCatalog"
A job name must be specified.
The defined Job resources are:
     1: BackupClient1
     2: BackupCatalog
     3: RestoreFiles
Select Job resource (1-3): *1
Run Backup job
JobName:  BackupClient1
Level:    Incremental
Client:   bacula-fd
FileSet:  Full Set
Pool:     File (From Job resource)
Storage:  File (From Job resource)
When:     2014-08-28 21:55:37
Priority: 10
OK to run? (yes/mod/no): *yes
Job queued. JobId=16
You have messages.
28-Aug 21:42 bacula-dir: ERROR in authenticate.c:304 UA Hello from client:IP1:PORT is invalid. Len=-4
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: Start Backup JobId 16, Job=BackupClient1.2014-
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: Using Device "FileStorage"
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-sd JobId 16: Volume "hello" previously written, moving to en
d of data.
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-sd JobId 16: Ready to append to end of Volume "hello" size=5
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-fd JobId 16:      Could not stat "c:\temp": ERR=No such file
 or directory
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-sd JobId 16: Job write elapsed time = 00:00:01, Transfer rat
e = 0  Bytes/second
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: Bacula bacula-dir 5.0.0 (26Jan10): 28-Aug-2014
  Build OS:               x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu redhat (Carbon)
  JobId:                  16
  Job:                    BackupClient1.2014-08-28_21.55.41_09
  Backup Level:           Incremental, since=2014-08-28 21:22:07
  Client:                 "bacula-fd" 5.0.0 (26Jan10) x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu,re
  FileSet:                "Full Set" 2014-08-28 20:36:03
  Pool:                   "File" (From Job resource)
  Catalog:                "MyCatalog" (From Client resource)
  Storage:                "File" (From Job resource)
  Scheduled time:         28-Aug-2014 21:55:37
  Start time:             28-Aug-2014 21:55:44
  End time:               28-Aug-2014 21:55:44
  Elapsed time:           0 secs
  Priority:               10
  FD Files Written:       0
  SD Files Written:       0
  FD Bytes Written:       0 (0 B)
  SD Bytes Written:       0 (0 B)
  Rate:                   0.0 KB/s
  Software Compression:   None
  VSS:                    no
  Encryption:             no
  Accurate:               no
  Volume name(s):
  Volume Session Id:      4
  Volume Session Time:    1409258126
  Last Volume Bytes:      56,881,890 (56.88 MB)
  Non-fatal FD errors:    1
  SD Errors:              0
  FD termination status:  OK
  SD termination status:  OK
  Termination:            Backup OK -- with warnings

28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: Begin pruning Jobs older than 44 years 2 month
s 10 days 21 hours 55 mins 44 sec.
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: No Jobs found to prune.
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: Begin pruning Jobs.
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: No Files found to prune.
28-Aug 21:55 bacula-dir JobId 16: End auto prune.



Why does the FD indicate that c:\temp cannot be backed up, while it exists?

C:\Program Files\Bacula>dir c:\ | findstr temp
08/25/2014  12:40 AM    <DIR>          temp

Could not stat "c:\temp": ERR=No such file or directory while c:\temp exists indicates that for some reason the directory cannot be found. The reason is that a FD should run on a to be backed up host.

enter image description here

  1. Add the Windows Client (FD) to /etc/bacula/bacula-dir.conf by copying the linux FD and changing localhost to IP2 or FQDN2
  2. Change the Client located in the Job part to the name of the FD
  3. Change or add the File located in FileSet to e.g. c:/temp
  4. Check whether the IP1 or FQDN1 of the linux host has been configured as SD host (localhost should be avoided as external FDs cannot access it)
  5. Restart the DIR and SD
  6. Run sudo bconsole
  7. Execute status client and select the Windows client
  8. Execute the Bacula commands to backup and restore the Windows files


JobDefs {
  Name = "DefaultJob"
  Type = Backup
  Level = Incremental
  Client = utrecht-fd
  FileSet = "Full Set"

Client {
  Name = utrecht-fd
  Address = IP2
  FDPort = 9102

Storage {
  Name = File
  Address = IP1
  SDPort = 9103
  Device = FileStorage

FileSet {
  Name = "Full Set"
  File = c:/test
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File = C:\\test


File = C:\\temp

use \\

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