i'm working on a bladecenter S and i try to update my amm with putty via COM port, but when i want to see my version it doesn't work i use like every time this command:

env -T system:mm[1] info

result > The target bay is empty. Unable to read hardware VPD. AMM slots: 2 Blade slots: 14 I/O Module slots: 4 Power Module slots: 4 Blower slots: 2 Media Tray slots: 1

system> list -l a system An unexpected case has arisen - more than ***two MMs* are present.**

Its weird because only 1 amm is present.Do you have a solution, an idea ? Regards


i found a solution: Just update my amm using a bladecenter H. My amm was in an old version and dont know the Bladecenter S. Regards

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