Sorry for the obscure title but I have no idea how to phrase this..

I am having an oddity occurring with my RSA key, I use RSA key authentication over SSH for all my servers and other services where possible.

Recently I have been doing commits to a custom GITLABS installation that uses my rsa key to authenticate and it has popped up asking for a pass phrase to unlock my key... Now the odd bit, the pass phrase that works is valid for my key from my home computer, but on the computer I am accessing GITLABS from does not use a pass phrase, however the phrase for my home computer unlocks my key anyway...

I have noticed this happen a couple of times on this computer and when it does happen the pass phrase is asked for every time I want to access git labs and each time I use my home computer pass phrase to unlock it. A reboot fixes the issue.

What the hell might be going on????

Kind Regards Paul


Do you share the same private key between your home computer and work one? Please try to connect to the git server from both boxes directly via ssh with -vv option:
ssh -vv git@gitserver

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