I have been asked to get involved server migration task . I have been given task to get list of physical paths of all websites hosted on IIS .

I know how to get individual websites path in IIS using GUI and also able to view list of websites and corresponding physical path in IIS GUI by clicking on View Application link.

But I dont know how to export this info to Excel sheet.

Is there any option in GUI or some command to be executed in command prompt which will help retrieve the required information in one go ?

There are many websites hosted and it would be cumbersome to visit each application , copy physical paths and paste into excel.



And anything which ends with a slash is a site (a root level application).

But that'd be doing it wrong!

Any server migration which doesn't involve the use of Web Deployment Tool (MSDeploy) to pretty-much-automatically:

  • package up all the websites and the content,
  • and blat it onto the target system

is likely to be a waste of your time, longer term.

Go get WebDeploy, have a muck around with it, and use it for the migration.

Out: msdeploy -verb:sync -source:webserver60 -dest:package=c:\webServer.zip

or any variation on that. In is basically just the same, with reversed source and dest arguments.


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