I have a repetitive task on Server 2012 R2 I'd love to automate. I have a CSV list of around 40 folder names I want to create (The names in this CSV changes). I then want to have those folders shared with the same name as the folder that is created. I also want to set full permissions for 3 local users on all folders.

I tried dabbling a bit with PowerShell but couldn't seem to get it going I think mainly because I was trying to use WMI to create the shares.. In the end I resorted to running the following and settings up the shares manually.

Set-Location "C:\test\" 
Import-Csv c:\test\folders.csv | New-Item -type directory

Any help appreciated!


You want to look at Import-Module SMBShare and use the New-SMBShare cmdlet. You can do permissions with the Set-ACL cmdlet.

Combine them with your Import-CSV command on the pipeline and you shouldn't have any issues at all.

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