Although I thought this would be easy I am unable to automatically connect to a network drive via GPO.

I tried through a batch file on (User Configuration / Policies / Windows Settings / Script / Logon) which I made sure to browse via NETLOGON share.

File Content:

net use z: \\\Shares\DMS

A finally I also used the Drive Maps (User Configuration / Preferences / Windows Settings / Drive Maps) with following parameters:
Action: Replace - Location: \Shares\DMS - Reconnected: Checked - Use: Z: - Hide/Show this drive: Show this drive - Hide / Show all drives: Show all drives.

By reading some tips in the Internet I also disabled the fast logon.

Just to make sure, I tested the batch file and the NETLOGON share in a target laptop, and everything worked fine.

This is the gpresult /z for a target laptop:

Logon Scripts

GPO: Default Domain Policy
    Name:         \\PM01-W12-DCO\netlogon\logon.bat
    LastExecuted: This script has not yet been run.

I just ran into this issue on a Windows 10 laptop and learned that it's a known issue with Windows 8/10 and Server 2012.

If the reconnect option is checked in the drive map, it will just fail, no errors or issues in event viewer that I could see. As soon as I unchecked the reconnect option, replicated changes and then ran gpupdate /force on the Win 10 laptop in question the drive mapped without issue.

Check this link for further details and screenshots

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  • There are no apparent drive mappings involved. – bvj Sep 3 '16 at 8:46

Given that you've tried two techniques without success, I'd say this is almost certainly going to come down to a permissions issue.

Go back to using Group Policy Preferences - you can then review the event log to see why they're failing.

Edit: Please don't use the Default Domain Policy for this stuff, if you break it you'll be stuffed. Create a new GPO and link it as appropriate.

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  • Hi Dan. Does this help us somehow? Logon Scripts ------------- GPO: Default Domain Policy Name: \\PM01-W12-DCO\netlogon\logon.bat Parameters: LastExecuted: This script has not yet been run. – user238856 Sep 7 '14 at 19:28
  • No - use Preferences and take a look using Event Viewer – Dan Sep 7 '14 at 19:35
  • Sorry for being so noob, but I am afraid I dont know how to do that. What exactly do I have to do in the preferences? What kind of log do I have to check. Thanks! – user238856 Sep 7 '14 at 19:51

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