I have a domain registered in Godaddy, and a hosting plan in a website called AspNix. Right now, the dns in Godaddy is showing the dns for aspnix, and i am hosting a website and email accounts in aspnix without a problem. What i want to do is to host the website in godaddy(created one with their website builder), but keep the emails in aspnix. I have really very few knowledge in dns and related subjects, so started googling. I found out that i should change the A zone dns for just the website, and by keeping MX same, the emails should work.

My question is do i change the A Zone DNS record in Aspnix (where my hosting is), or change it in godaddy (where the domain name is registered, and shows aspnix nameservers).


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    If aspnix hosts the DNS zone for your domain then any DNS changes need to be done on their name servers. – joeqwerty Sep 10 '14 at 17:48
  • my godaddy account has the dns names for my aspnix hosting. and in aspnix control panel, i can see a list of dns zones (with different types and names, like ftp,mail,mla,www...). so i think i can say that the aspnix hosts the dns zone. ok, i will try that. thank you. – serhat_bundy Sep 10 '14 at 17:51

Your records should be changed at SOA (Start Of Authority) NS (nameserver), as all queries for your domain name will start from there.

  • thanks, i did the changes on godaddy first, then removed the dns zone records (like www, ns..) from aspnix. and voila, it works. thanks for the help – serhat_bundy Sep 12 '14 at 8:04

If aspnix is set to be your active name servers, you'd have to make the changes on their side.
Oftentimes the MX record will be set to something like mail.mydomain.com - if so, it's important not to change the 'A' record for 'mail' - just change your 'www' A record and possibly the wildcard * A record if that one is set now.

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