so we have a nginx and drupal site and the the folder structure looks like this

/my_site [ drupal site root]

/mysite/index.php [ drupal main index file]

/my_site/forum [ I created this folder this is not a standard drupal folder]

/my_site/forum/viewforum.php [I put this php file to do some custom logic ]

/my_site/forum/ [there is no index.php file as I want drupal to handle /forum and show the default forum module which it has]

everything works fine except when some goes to /forum they get forbidden 403 as there is no index file.

I have tried:

1) Making a symlink to point to the main index file

2) redirecting back to drupal root but then /forum just does not work

I am not sure how I can get nginx to allow drupal to handle /forum but not /forum/viewforum.php Please help

  • Can you post snippets of your nginx config? – masegaloeh Sep 10 '14 at 22:38

I assume you have already implemented Drupal routing features in your configuration.

To solve your issue, you should add this snippet in your configuration:

location = /forum {
    rewrite ^ /index.php last;

I assume my_site is your webroot, so that your index.php is in the root folder.

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