I have a virtual network in Azure using point-to-site connection. I connect to it using Azure VPN normally and access my VMs through remote desktop normally as well.

The problem is, I want to run a Cisco VPN Client inside one of these machines, but when i DO this and connect to VPN i lose my remote desktop connection and the machine cannot be detected anymore in my network.

Using other machines inside my virtual network i cannot ping the machine anymore, so i reboot it and when it gets back (without vpn connected inside) i can ping it again normally.

What i believe is that VPN is taking all my network adapter or overriding the other one in a way that my computer does not answer to its original ip address anymore.

Someone knows what can i do? Or maybe how can i connect my azure gateway to this vpn and let all my computers acessing it as well (sharing VPN connection)?


Modify the properties of the VPN interface, under IPv4 Settings, to NOT use the remote gateway:

enter image description here

If this configuration is not allowed, the administrator of the remote network has disabled it (usually for security purposes, so that information is less likely to leak between networks).

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