After trying to install gitlab using the .deb package they provide, I gave it up and now I wan't to uninstall it.

But when I run "sudo gitlab-ctl uninstall" it only get:

gitlab uninstall errors

I have absolutely no idea what I can do know and I hope that reinstalling linux is not the only way...

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From the issue in the official site, you can try

  1. gitlab-ctl stop
  2. gitlab-ctl uninstall
  3. Delete all files/directories
  4. Reboot

1.gitlab-ctl stop

Stop the services.

2.gitlab-ctl cleanse

Delete all gitlab data, and start from scratch.

3. gitlab-ctl uninstall

Kill all processes and uninstall the process supervisor (data will be preserved).

4. remove package.

// Debian/Ubuntu

sudo dpkg -r gitlab-ce

// Redhat/Centos

sudo rpm -e gitlab-ce

5. Reboot


After installing a .deb with dpkg/apt-get/aptitude the best way to remove a packge is to use the same way. Try

apt-get autoremove --purge PKGNAME

to remove the package from your system.

  • Thats true, but when installing gitlab it wants "gitlab-ctl reconfigure", which does a lot changes, and when you wan't to uninstall it, the docs says that you should run "gitlab-ctl uninstall" and then apt-get remove..
    – bagbag
    Sep 14, 2014 at 10:08

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