I have some doubts about installing CoreOS using the image ISO.

I follow the steps in CoreOS docs, in the Install section:

cfdisk -z /dev/sda
touch "/usr.squashfs (deleted)"     # work around a bug in mkfs.btrfs 3.12
mkfs.btrfs -L ROOT /dev/sda1

And then when I run the install script:

./coreos-install -d /dev/sda -c cloud-config.yml

I get the error about not enought space.

The install script of the CoreOS site posted in GitHub doesn't work for me because it tell me that there isn't enought space on device.

Then I have some doubts about it:

  1. The hard disk has 250 Gb of memory.
  2. The usb has almost 8 Gb of memory.

Why this error?

  • Can you please post the exact error you are getting ? I'm telling that because I had a similar problem installing Core OS on a virtual machine and it turned out I was assigning not enough RAM to the machine. I know, RAM seems unrelated to the disk space, but maybe it is downloading the ISO to a RAM disk.
    – danidemi
    Jul 2, 2015 at 21:41


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