I am trying to set-up SELinux in an Ubuntu Trusty server, who is an Amazon EC2 instance. I followed the Debian documentation about installing SELinux. The installation work well as seen by :

root@machine:~# sestatus

SELinux status: enabled

SELinuxfs mount: /sys/fs/selinux

SELinux root directory: /etc/selinux

Loaded policy name: default

Current mode: permissive

Mode from config file: permissive

Policy MLS status: enabled

Policy deny_unknown status: allowed

Max kernel policy version: 28

However, I have some problems with my context as a standard user with ssh I have the context : system_u:system_r:sysadm_t:SystemLow. I tested with root user, who is also system_u:system_r:sysadm_t:SystemLow.

root@ip-172-31-4-210:~# id -Z


Since I can only join this server via SSH, I guess the problem come from that. Is their a boolean or a policy for allowing ssh login with unconfined_u context ?

EDIT 1 : I'm sorry I didn't give enough detail. What I want to do is just to set up SELinux for confining the process and deamon, I want my standard user to be able to sudo & be able to manage the system. Isn't root supposed to be in the context "unconfined_u" ? Why am I system_u ?

Output of semanage login -l:

Login Name SELinux User MLS/MCS Range Service

__default__ unconfined_u SystemLow-SystemHigh *

root unconfined_u SystemLow-SystemHigh *

system_u system_u SystemLow-SystemHigh *

ubuntu unconfined_u SystemLow-SystemHigh *


First of all you can check all SELinux booleans with:

getsebool -a

There you can check whether there is a boolean regarding this issue or not.

Another thing you can try is giving your user a different role with:

semanage login -a -s <role> <your_user>

Just make sure the role is the same as the root user (in this case system_u), but be aware of the security risks. You can always go back with:

semanage login -d <your_user>

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