I'm looking to install www.planetplanet.org in openshift. I've hosted a few php apps on openshift, but am not sure how python apps work. The openshift template gives me a wsgi.py file, which needs the 'application' module / function as its starting point. I'm not sure where to point it to. The planetplanet code layout is here and my suspicion is I have to point the 'application' to planet/init.py. No idea though how to do it.

While searching, I came across https://github.com/shekhargulati/schedapp-openshift which is a simple python app on openshift, which has this line in its wsgi.py:

from sched.app import app as application, db

But planetplanet doesn't seem to be a module that can be loaded in such a way.

I tried:

from planet.planet import planet as application

but that fails with this message on the server:

ImportError: No module named planet.planet

EDIT: I found planetplanet just dumps a static index.html in my output directory, so I now just need to ensure wsgi application points to my output dir to serve the html.

Any pointers / advice?



So I did something like this:

response_body = open(os.environ['OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR'] + 'planet/virt/output/index.html').read()

in the default

def application

part of the wsgi.py script. That got the static html to work, but obviously without css.

But then I discovered openshift provides the python binary in non-python apps as well, so I just created a DIY application, imported the planetplanet sources, and used the python in the cron script to update the feeds; and the default testrubyserver.rb in the diy/ dir to serve the index.html.


in the default def application add

ctype = 'text/html'

Important : don't not forget 'text/html' return type.

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