I have added FTP user to an account and assigned to that user shell /bin/sh so can connect using SFTP. I have tested connection with a small file but it comes that can't upload anything bigger than 0.5GB.

I have tried to connect with root privileges and use SFTP to upload larger file (0.8GB) and I'm getting disconnected often with an error "Optimize connection buffer size"

/var/log/messages looks like:

Sep 17 09:55:11 server06 proftpd[30911]: (::ffff:[::ffff:]) - Client session idle timeout, disconnected 

Sep 17 09:55:11 server06 proftpd[30911]: (::ffff:[::ffff:]) - FTP session closed. 

Sep 17 09:55:22 server06 proftpd[31432]: (::ffff:[::ffff:]) - notice: user xyz.aabbcc: aborting transfer: Input/output error

Any clue what is going on with both issues?



From the logs you can see the the session is timing out.

That's why your transfer gets aborted.

Increase the timeout value.

  • Increase timeout value on the ftp server or ftp client software? – JackTheKnife Sep 17 '14 at 15:06
  • On the server. Probably you are going over SSH there (since you mentioned SFTP/shell account - just a guess). – Andy Sep 17 '14 at 15:09

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