I’m not yet used to managing permissions on SQL Server 2008. I’m currently trying to create a SQL Server job directly from SQL with a user that isn’t sysadmin (but has the role SQLAgentUserRole). Let’s call him MyUser.

For some reason, each time I try to execute a job step using the subsystem CMDEXEC, I get an error saying "Non-SysAdmins have been denied permission to run CmdExec job steps without a proxy account. The step failed.". As for TSQL steps, they always work fine.

Here is my configuration:

  • MyUser has granted access to the proxy account named MyProxy.
  • MyProxy has granted access to the subsystem "CMDEXEC" and is linked to a credential also called MyProxy.
  • The credential MyProxy is linked to the login MyLogin.
  • MyLogin is sysadmin on SQL Server, and admin on Windows.

Is there anything I missed? Why do I keep getting that error? What other permissions should I configure?


You need to set the Run As in your job step to MyProxy so the job step will use the proxy.


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