I am trying to configure a Reverse Proxy in my AWS account:

enter image description here

The Reverse proxy should forward request to internal servers based on their URL structure, e.g.:

example.com/question/*   ->
example.com/answer/*     ->
example.com              ->

I can implement a Reverse Proxy using Apache's mod_proxy, and I wonder if AWS has a built-in solution for that.


I realize this is an old question, but in case it helps anyone else: AWS now supports this use case natively using their version 2 ELBs, specifically the Application Load Balancer which was introduced in 2016.

I confirmed with their support that it provides equivalent functionality to running a mod_proxy-based Apache reverse proxy.

More details at:


As far as I know, AWS does not have a built-in implementation for reverse proxy, even for ELBs. You can use Apache, Nginx or HAProxy for a reverse proxy implementation, though.

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