We have a HP DL380 Gen8 in one of our data center and it is connected to a UPS, I checked the ILO and know that due to unstable electric powe,r the server has been shutdown with the following error:

"System has enabled power protection and disabled power supplies".

I did a little searching and I tried the following attempts:

  1. Replacing power supplies.
  2. Using another power supply.
  3. Changing the power cords.
  4. Resetting the NVRAM.
  5. Updating Firmware.
  6. Updating CPLD.

Basically I tired everything I could think of. The problem is when I turn on the server after waiting for few minutes the server doesn't turn on and I get a flashing Red/Oragnish light.

Can anyone help me out with this please. Does this mean the motherboard has burn?


Luckily, Gen8 ProLiant servers are all still under factory warranty right now. Your best option at this point is to call HP support. I haven't seen this issue on any of my servers, but there's documentation of others with this issue.

Are you sure you upgraded firmware to the newest revision? How did you run the firmware update? Does the system POST? This advisory covers the issue you speak of, but you say you've updated.

Use HP's support here. You've already taken more troubleshooting steps than should be necessary.

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