Ubuntu Server 9.04 comes with PostgreSQL 8.3 installed. This is working correctly; I am able to log in, list the databases, etc.

I have tried to follow the instructions here for installing PostGIS, including a sudo apt-get install postgis. This appeared to install version 1.3 of PostGIS okay, but then doing a locate lwpostgis.sql or locate postgis didn't return any results. Since I was unable to locate these .sql files, I was unable to continue with the installation guide.


You need to install postgresql-8.3-postgis.

The 1.3 release is quite old: You might want to install potgis 1.4 or even better 1.5 from source, but then you have to compile proj and geos first.

  • You're right; my problem was that I originally did sudo apt-get install postgis which I thought would work by automatically resolving the version I needed. In fact, it did install something but it appears it was just documentation. Passing postgresql-8.3-postgis did it – rcampbell Sep 7 '09 at 16:49

Take a look at the output of dpkg -L postgis, this should give you a list of all files contained in the package that you installed.

The locate command gets its information from a database, which is updated nightly (or manually by running sudo updatedb.

  • I ran updatedb and it now finds PostGIS files. The problem is that it does not find any of the .sql files mentioned in the installation guide. – rcampbell Sep 7 '09 at 14:05
  • The output of dpkg -L postgis returns a similar list as locate but none of the returned files are those .sql ones. Basically I just I have some docs in /usr/share/doc/postgis – rcampbell Sep 7 '09 at 14:07

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