Could someone please explain this to me?

[rabdelaz@Linux_Desktop:/etc/apache2]$sudo ls /var/log/apache2/*.log
ls: cannot access /var/log/apache2/*.log: No such file or directory

[rabdelaz@Linux_Desktop:/etc/apache2]$sudo ls /var/log/apache2/
access.log  error.log.1      error.log.11.gz  error.log.13.gz  error.log.2.gz  error.log.4.gz  error.log.6.gz  error.log.8.gz  other_vhosts_access.log
error.log   error.log.10.gz  error.log.12.gz  error.log.14.gz  error.log.3.gz  error.log.5.gz  error.log.7.gz  error.log.9.gz  ssl_access.log

Clearly there IS such file or directory. I am confused. Is Ubuntu also confused?

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Your shell will try try expand the * wildcard, before elevating the privileges of the ls command.
Because as a regular user you don't have sufficient rights to read /var/log/apache2 that expansion will fail.

Then the *.log will be passed through to sudo, but since sudo doesn't do globbing (that's a shell function) the ls will fail again as there is no file named *.log

A circumvention would be:

sudo sh -c 'ls /var/log/apache2/*.log' 

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