Hello there i am trying to upgrade ec2 micro instance to small instance. I am going to upgrade it with this.

But i assigned elastic ip, lot of alarms, load balancer and mounted s3 on it. I knew that elastic ip will lost but i want to know what about others. Alarms, load balancer, mounts. Are they will be ok?

  • After upgrade my server responding 503 on browser. There is rails project running on apache2 with passenger. – Batbayar Sep 24 '14 at 7:28

Be careful with your code.

I had once changed to a 32-bit instance and had problems. In my code I was typecasting the facebook ids to int. So in a 64-bit it was fine. But when I downgraded, this resulted in wrong FB ids.

In your case its an upgrade. So you shouldn't be facing this issue.


No side effects as such. If you are in production, you can point your elastic ip to machine to display "maintenance messages" and re-associate the elastic the resized machine later.

Also be careful about your data on the machine, if you were using instance store, you may want to take a image of the your instance etc. Its much easier with EBS store backed instances. The steps mentioned are quite clear so just follow them carefully.

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