I have a HP StorageWorks MSA2312i Dual Controller Modular Smart Array and a second enclosure.

I have four vdisks:

  • vd01 (RAID5) (Current Owner A)
  • vd02 (RAID5) (Current Owner B)
  • vd03 (RAID10) (Current Owner A)
  • vd04 (RAID10) (Current Owner B)

With two volumes per vdisk (vd01_001, vd01_v002 and so on)

The problem is that while Xen can see all the volumes in vd01 and vd02 (whose main controllers are A and B respectively), Xen cannot see any other volumes from vd03 and vd04.

Any ideas?

EDIT: The complete log of a full conection from XenCenter

EDIT2: If I add the disks of the second enclosure to a vdisk with disks of the first enclosure, I can see the new space, as workaround.

  • you're going to have to add a lot more detail to the actual problem here; logs etc? – Chopper3 Sep 29 '14 at 9:13
  • Ups! Logs added :) – Álex Sáez Sep 29 '14 at 10:46

I found without any explanation, the solution.

The vdisk need to start with 00.

vd00, vd01, vd02 and vd03 just works.

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