I have several older supermicro based NAS devices. Happened to be at our hosting facility today and saw that one had a disk failure. I thought that I was monitoring this via SNMP->Nagios but clearly I'm missing something crucial.

Suggestions on how best to track the status of these sorts of machines? For my Dell servers I use OpenManage and Nagios. It seems to do a good job of telling me when disks have failed, memory isn't happy, etc.


You can use Nagios plugins to monitor the server via IPMI. Also, Supermicro has it's own monitoring software called SuperDoctor, which also relies on IPMI.

More Details:




  • Looks like SuperDoctor doesn't do anything with disks. This must be from the RAID controller instead. – ethrbunny Oct 2 '14 at 21:42

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