I have a CoreOS cluster in which i have a SystemD service that just run a Docker container. However, for flexibility purpose, i want the Docker Registry the container gets pulled from to be discovered when the service start, what i do easily using Etcd (the node discovery system from the CoreOS project).

So, i tried it in a normal terminal, what just gives me a command like this /usr/bin/etcdctl get /services/registryto get the current IP address of the registry. And it works! But from a SystemD service, the command is returned as typed and not executed as someone should do in a Shell script with backticks. I tried backticks, $() and ${}syntaxes but the command is still returned as is.

If anybody has a suggestion, i'm taking it :) Thanks!


If you make your ExecStart use /bin/sh -c "echo $(etcdctl ls /)" it will perform in the way that you desire.

Here's a full unit file taking advantage of this: https://github.com/coreos/unit-examples/blob/master/simple-fleet/apache-discovery.2.service#L6

  • Thanks, @Deer Hunter & @Rob! It works :) It seems Systemd does not support string extrapolation ... – phndiaye Oct 8 '14 at 11:10

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