I planning to build an isp network with 2 redundant BGP routers. After a bit of research I found strange that even switches can do BGP, at least that's what it says in their manual.

Considering how cheap they are compared to a modular HP switch or router, I think there is some catch here.

Does anyone have experience with these type of equipment? HP 5820-14XG-SFP+ Switch with 2 Slots


Could they do more than 2 linux servers with 10gbe cards in them running bird?



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The intended use for BGP on HP's 5000 series (comware) switches is for smaller internal BGP routing schemes with a few hundred subnets to route. If you intend to peer them with Internet routers I would recommend something more purpose built.

  • This. To elaborate, most switches do not have the memory required to hold a full route table, let alone from multiple providers. When they have a BGP implementation it is with the expectation of the majority of routes been covered by default. Oct 8, 2014 at 18:48

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