I’m looking to host a site that will be accessed through a subdomain (mysite.mainsite.com) of another site (mainsite.com). I have set the main domain for my shared hosting account as mainsite.com and I’m about to set an A-record for mysite.mainsite.com to point to the IP of my server and add mysite.mainsite.com as a subdomain in cPanel.

The mainsite.com will however never be pointed to my server, so it somehow feels like I'm "cheating". My question is simply, should this work or am I missing something?


From the viewpoint of the DNS system, it is absolutely ok. A hostname can contain a "." without any problem.

This leads to the difference between domains and zones. If you have a host named a.b.example.com, which is registered by an a.b record in your zone example.com, you will have a b.example.com domain too, but only the a.b.example.com and example.com zones.

Of course, the glue records in your parent nameservers need to be set up accordingly.

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