I found this (Difference between Roaming profiles, User Profile, Home Folder, and Redirected Folders?) but it doesn't really answer my question.

If I assign users a Home folder, is that essentially the same as redirecting the folders GPO gives me access to? (AppData, Desktop, Start Menu, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Favorites, Contacts, Downloads, Links, Searches, Saved Games)? What is the benefit to using one system over the other, or should I be using both together and why?

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A home folder is basically just a mapped drive, and the default "start in" directory when launching a command prompt.

Folder redirection places the selected folders transparently on a network share and does not map a drive. It's transparent to the user - they have no idea that they are working with a network resource when saving files to a redirected folder.

They are two very different user experiences. Home folders are generally considered a legacy technology.

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