i have no experience with servers at all, but i would like to know how to build a rack server in my freezing garage, i have done some research and bought a cabinet, an Ethernet switch and loads of ssd's, at the moment i have about 200 USB keys and 20 external hdd's i store files for friends and family as i am the best with pc's in our community, i still don't know how to build a server though.any more components i need please list them, i will find it self explanatory to set up i guess.

thanks, Jason

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Don't. Buy a used HP, Dell, or IBM rack server. You can get a good one, 3-4 years old for $250 on ebay.
Also, HDs cost about $15/year just to sit there spinning. "loads" of them are going to cost "loads" to run.

See also: Choosing a Server Chassis based on Server Board's Requirements

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