I'm trying to use s3fs to mount an S3 bucket on to a standard AWS Amazon Linux AMI (with all the necessary dependencies installed). However when following this tutorial when I run: s3fs mybucketname -o allow_other myfolder or variations thereof, I get a response of:

s3fs: could not determine how to establish security credentials

I've tried:

  • creating passwd-s3fs in the etc folder, with the format: accessID:secretAccessKey
  • creating .passwd-s3fs in the home folder
  • setting AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID & AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables
  • Opening up permissions on passwd-s3fs as far as possible (it's become more secure since this question)
  • Giving the IAM user associated with this Access Key Administrator Access
  • Successfully connecting via a local client with the same Access & Secret Access Key details
  • Generally double checking everything for typos etc

I've a feeling I'm doing something dumb AWS side (I'm totally new to AWS), is there something specific I need to apply to the S3 bucket Permissions, Policy etc? This is driving me mad, help much appreciated!

  • It's unlikely to be anything in IAM, bucket policy, etc... sounds like an issue on the local machine. You could try using strace to observe the system calls s3fs is making when you invoke it, and probably discover something useful from that. Commented Oct 14, 2014 at 3:33
  • The error "could not determine how to establish security credentials" occurs when the access key and password are not available. Maybe check the file permissions on .passwd-s3fs?
    – user298146
    Commented Jul 7, 2015 at 17:27
  • 1
    Hey man you got any solutions? Commented Apr 23, 2017 at 20:14

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I found the best way to resolve this was to use the -o iam_role option to pass the name of the instance role in, plus if you're not in the us-east-1 region, you may also need to specify the url and endpoint options.


s3fs mybucketname -o allow_other myfolder -o iam_role=$iam_role_name -o endpoint=${aws_region} -o url=https://s3-${aws_region}

(This is the command I used to mount an S3 bucket to an ECS container host instance, so an EC2 instance deployed as part of a cluster)


Although this question is old, I also had the problem so I figure I would post the solution that worked for me in case another person has the same issue.

sudo apt purge s3fs -y
sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install s3fs -y

In the current users home directory, create a txt file with the name .passwd-s3fs with your IAM credentials as such:




# 1. use a text editor to add your key:secret & save the file
vim ~/.passwd-s3fs
# set permissions of .passwd-s3fs to 0400
sudo chmod 0400 ~/.passwd-s3fs
# mount drive s3fs /the_remote_path as /local_path
# i.e 
s3fs my_bucket:/the_remote_path /local_path 

This topic might be old but i ran into the same issue. The answer of Aslan and many other pages are "correct" but still did not work for me. I first did deinstall, update and upgrade like Aslan suggested, but I had to take care NOT to use any sudo commands. I strictly used:

nano ~/.passwd-s3fs

Like Aslan said, entered only





chmod 0400 ~/.passwd-s3fs
s3fs bucket-name target-name

Took me like 2 hours to figure this out....hope i can help anyone to shorten this time.

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