how can I create a Public/Shared Mailbox on OS X Server? This Mailbox should be available to all authenticated Users on my network and should be automatically subscribed into a folder "Public" in the Mailbox folder structure. The folder structure in the IMAP inbox should look similar to this:

  |- User-Folder1
  |- User-Folder2
  |- Public-Mailbox-1
  |- Public-Mailbox-2
  |- Public-Mailbox-3

What I have done so far:

  • I created a User in the LDAP-Directory with an email address "[email protected]" <- Only as workaround to get a mailbox
  • I modified this file: /Library/Server/Mail/Config/dovecot/conf.d/15-mailboxes.conf and added this lines at the end:

    namespace {
        type = public
        separator = .
        prefix = Public.
        location = maildir:/Volumes/Data/Library/Server/Mail/Data/mail/users/accounts/
        subscriptions = yes
        list = yes
        mailbox Public {
                auto = subscribe

When I login into my IMAP account on the server via webmail (roundcube) I can see the folder in the IMAP "Manage folders" but I can not subscribe to it. Has anyone an idea how I can get this?

Is it also possible not to create an LDAP User, to get an Mailbox for some special email addresses (accounts, info)?

Thanks Oliver

Version Numbers: OS X 10.9.5 Server App 3.2.1 (clean install no update) Postfix: postconf -d | grep mail_version mail_version = 2.9.4 Dovecot: sudo dovecotd --version 2.2.5

Info: Also posted here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/26829189

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At least with 10.10, the ACL plugin is enabled, so I believe you will have to declare some permissions for the folder.

Inside /Volumes/Data/Library/Server/Mail/Data/mail/users/accounts/, add a file named dovecot-acl and add ACL rules as per http://wiki2.dovecot.org/ACL.

In my case, I wanted all users to have non-admin access, so my file contains this one line:

anyone lrwstipe

Also, I'm not sure you want subscriptions=yes. If that's no, then the subscriptions to that folder are managed by the parent, which is each users' account.

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