I am tunneling Firefox through SSH to a remote server using:

ssh -D 9999 -C usr@remotehost.com

This binds 9999 port on localhost. I set this up in Firefox proxy settings using Socks5. It works perfect. But at same time when I run localhost/myPHPProject, it says 404 not found. Because my localhost IPs (, etc) are all bound to port 9999 SSH tunnel.

Here's my /etc/hosts   localhost   wplms   x8p-lin-pc   localproxy

What I want to do is use localproxy as SSH tunneled proxy for Firefox. And localhost, wplms for my LAMP projects. How is this possible?


You can use the -D option bound to a single local IP like so:

ssh -D localproxy:9999 -C usr@remotehost.com

The harder bit is probably getting firefox to distinguish which connections to send to localproxy and which ones to handle locally. It might be easier to use a local proxy (squid, varnish, nginx or whatever) to do the forwarding, so you get a more flexible configuration language.

  • It worked. Another thing I did is set SOCKS host: localproxy:9999 and No proxy for: localhost, wplms, ... – arxoft Oct 18 '14 at 7:53

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